Tarbabies Book 1
The Shadow Man of Ichabod Lane
That thing on the porch won't go away.

I called the police, but I don’t think they’re coming. They’ve got their hands full with the Manhattan quarantine, so they can’t waste their time on a nothing little town like Otterkill.

That means it's up to me and the neighbors, and there are fewer of us every day. Fewer of us, and more of them. Every person we lose is one more monster to deal with. The Spiller family, the folks from the Retirement Center, even the Mathises' Rottweiler are now stalking the streets, waiting for someone to get too close. A single touch is all it takes.

I don’t know which of my neighbors became the thing on the porch, and I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’ve got to get out of here, but the Tarbabies are already showing up in Albany, and Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. There’s nowhere left to run, and there’s no point in hiding.

Not when the shadows themselves are after you.

Silver Award Winner:
​The Hungry Monster Book Review
Josh and his wife have loving, fun interactions. Brady did very well crafting these two, and I spent almost every page of the story hoping that both of them make it through. The author also excelled at creating each of the characters on Ichabod Lane, especially the young boy Logan, who treats the dangerous, slow-moving monsters as a fun activity.
The Hungry Monster Book Review
Booksellers Without Borders
The menace of the tarbabies builds throughout the book, as the creatures start appearing everywhere. There is a particularly harrowing scene on the Appalachian Trail, when the main character and his wife are pursued by a "thing that was a duck."  If that sounds funny, it's because it is. But Brady still makes it frightening.
Booksellers Without Borders
Audiobook Reviewer
If you are looking for an easy listening, low stress and violence, sci-fi monster story you will like Tarbabies very much.
Audio Book Reviewer